Sunday, February 03, 2008

"I cannot sleep with these thoughts running through my mind...."

This weekend was pretty good. I spent the entirety of it cooking and planning for my grandmother's ninety-first birthday! Yay! My whole family was there, with the exception of my father. It was great because that hasn't happened in years... Seriously. Everything went pretty well. Until I returned to Columbia and received a text message from my dad. He was mad and decided he didn't want me in his life anymore.... Yea.... It's okay though, this is the third time he's done this in the last four years. But enough about that.

I have an interview at Miyo's tomorrow. I have been advised a few times that I should seek employment elsewhere, but I have bills and am almost completely out of money. So I must take whatever I can get at this point. I think I may attend the job fair in later this month and see what I can come up with.

On a happy note, I have a living room now!! It's very exciting. I am currently sitting on the couch, laptop in hand in front of the TV while Patrick bangs on his bicycles behind me. He now has his very own space for his most prized hobby. It makes me happy. We have a smaller room now, but a Much larger closet. Now I can hide my mess better. I also spent a good bit of time purging my closet and accessories today. I get told on a regular basis that I have too much stuff. This is the third time I will be taking a trip to the Goodwill to donate unused and unloved items. Patrick is slowly breaking of my need to be a pack rat, which is good because no one needs to have this much crap. I should have figured this out after moving in August. At least this time I will have less stuff.... Okay, well maybe not less, but at least everything I will have will be needed more. I hope.

"My head is racing and I'm worn thin...
But I know you will pick me up again..."
-Leslie Dudney

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Anonymous said...

The dinner for Mema was great... so what if that man doesn't want us to be his kids anymore. We're ok, just as we have always been, but who wouldn't be ok with the greatest mom in the whole wide world. Just wanted to leave my little thought, I LOVE YOU BABY SISTER!!!