Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"But I'd like some extra spare time..."

Today was my first day of work. It went well. I ran food mostly and helped Michelle bus tables with it got really busy. She seemed to be pleased with me, which is good. I got complimented, whew... I then preceded to stare at the computer screen and learn the POS system. That part was uber boring.

I then got a free house salad and cold noodles. It was tastey, and did I mention free??

I walked in the rain today, with no shoes. It was cold. And my hair is no longer straight. But I was afraid my shoes wouldn't dry by tomorrow, so barefooted it was... Matt would be so proud..

Afterwards, Patrick and I went to Publix for some chocolate Soy milk. As we were walking down the aisle this lady passing by told us we were "a cute couple." :) Happy. It was very sweet of her, and kinda made me blush...

My head hurts now, so I think I'll take a nap while Patrick builds a table for his "bike shoppe." It's real cute that he has his own space for his hobby now. A space aside from the corner in the washroom... I think he's worked on some bike or another for a few hours everyday since Sunday. And the amount of parts and even whole bikes has multiplied... Soon, we are gonna have to get him an extra building for all that stuff...

"Staying home can't be that bad for me...
But the bills keep changing colors.."
-Rilo Kiley

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