Friday, August 27, 2010

Rainbows and Unicorns for Everyone!!!

So basically the cosmos have all aligned to make my life the most simplistic and perfect it's ever been.  As I was looking for an apartment, and getting rather discouraged as the deadline was fast approaching and I was having zero luck at even having people contact me back... a wonderful turn of events occurred!!  Ann Marie came bounding into work about a week ago, bouncing with excitement, announcing that her roommate decided she wanted to move out!!!  Jenn (the other roommate) was a little distraught as she was telling AM about this, but AM was all, "OMG THIS IS THE BEST.NEWS.EVER!!!!! MY FRIEND CAN MOVE IN!!!! HAPPY DANCE!! WOOOOO!!!!" So yes, I will have a roof over my head. The catch?? It's not available until the 15th and I need a place the 1st, but CieCie offered to let me crash with her, and Jenn is totally cool with me crashing on the sofa until then. But then, THEN! Margaret (the girl moving out) contacted me saying she was going to be house sitting the first two weeks of September and wondered if I wanted to move in early... do I??? DO I???? YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, calming down... breathing... But seriously?! How does it get more perfect?! IT DOESN'T! (thanks for the positive thoughts and energy, Mom!!)

Now for the things I've been up to since I was last here:

1. Summer bought her ticket to come visit!!!! We are in full planning mode and I look forward to seeing her in October!!! (I may have to do a dry run getting to the airport just to make sure I can get to her...) We are going to see all the things and do all the things and eat all the things we can. I imagine there will be little sleep and lots of caffeine...

2. "The Juice Girls" went to Bryant Park for the last summer movie installation to see "Bonnie and Clyde." It made CieCie sad, apparently she was unaware of how that little love story ended...
"Juya," Kristina and Me

CieCie, Julia, Kristina (wearing all her work clothes, because it was cold...)

Surfing on the lawn...

3. Martina McBride came in with, I'm assuming, her husband.  I was talking to him about wine when I turned to include her in the conversation and realized I recognized her... I may have jumped a little.  Then I promptly went to find Lori Lynn (the other southerner) to confirm the siting...  Sure enough, it was her. And I was excited because "B," Sara and I use to dance around the living room, jumping on the furniture, singing into hairbrushes, and creating music videos (without the video) to her songs when we were little. I'm here to tell you, she's very strikingly beautiful in person. Yep.

4.  I had my first NYC Pizza experience in Brooklyn at Grimaldi's Pizzeria, located under the Brooklyn Bridge, with Julia and Heather (who's hopefully not going back to Utah in two weeks...) It was so gooood!! And really busy. Long line. Waited an hour. Learned you shouldn't talk about food when you're starving and in a long line to the food. But it was worth it. Also, it's cash only and they put you at the first place large enough to accommodate your group (often at a family table with strangers.) Also, ALSO... the whole staff is male. Odd.  But I really liked one of the guys shirts which said "Grimaldi's" on the front in "The Godfather" typeface and on the back read, "I'm gonna make you a pizza you can't refuse..." hahaha.

5. When I got on my train that evening... it smelled of mouthwash. It was weird.

6. Hoping to rope Heather into taking pictures of me (she's a photographer and I want to be made pretty.) But for now, here's a little sketch from Julia (we're going to attempt this again at a more opportune time)....

"It's as much of you as it's gonna be..."

We wait on trains a lot. Sometimes we sit. Sometimes she draws. Sometimes I take pictures. Mostly we try not to fall asleep.

p.s. I made a new friend today who told Heather and I we should start a NYCFood blog. I should eat and write, she should eat and photograph, he'd help with web design. He also told me he could just sit around and listen to me talk forever, it didn't matter what I said, so long as it was in this cute southern accent.  I think he's going to make a trip down south in search of love :) Glad I could inspire.  Also, he has some pretty awesome art projects and social media projects in the making.  It's all very interesting. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the "Juice Girls"

Clockwise from top left: Julia, Me, Kristina, CieCie!

Stopping in for an Update!

I may be the world's worst blogger. Seriously.  I can't even remember what I've shared and what I haven't, so if I get a bit repetitive, please excuse it.  Here goes.

1. There has been quite the parade of celebrities in the restaurant lately (some of which I have seen, other's I have not. Sad.)  So for the roll call: Martha Stewart celebrated her 69th birthday with us.  Beyonce and Jay-z had a little date followed by the British David Beckham (all of whom I didn't have the pleasure.)  Oh, and Susan Sarandon was in as well, I made her a Waterfelon!!! Then I sang Rocky Horror tunes the remainder of the day... Oh Janet Weiss!!

2. Some lovely work folks had a Rhône wine party (which is a little region in France that makes wine, and I believe it tends to be slightly peppery?) Everyone either brought a bottle from the region or cooked something for dinner (I did both).  I brought a white wine (a Viognier, which is my favorite) because I don't like my beverages to be room temperature as a general rule, and I made broccoli slaw with a sesame tamari vinaigrette.  What started out as a tasteful and grown up wine tasting with lovely apricot glazed short-ribs and a multitude of salads, with each wine being carefully tasted and talked about, and referenced in a book soon became a room full of drunken friends dancing around to old school 90s music.  And ending with everyone hanging out on the roof, looking at the stars and watching the cars climb over the Williamsburg Bridge towards the city.

3. During said party I met a guy who competed on an episode of "24 hour Restaurant Battle," and was having a party on the following Wednesday to watch the episode air!  Kristina, Julia and I attended and it was a lot of fun.  The restaurant Justin created was called "...& Jelly," if you haven't seen the episode google it, or find it on YouTube.  It was a very interesting idea and the food looked pretty awesome, I was pleasantly surprised how the concept was expanded to be more than the traditional ideas of jelly and butter. Intrigue...

4. The "Juice Girls" have taken to Julia's favorite bar to play trivia in Greenpoint at the Black Rabbit.  It's a lot of fun with categories that are way better than what Columbia has to offer.  For example, there was a "Name that Song" portion.. the catch? all the songs were played BACKWARDS!!! And included such gems as "You Oughta Know" by Alanis when she was angrier, and some Hootie (I TOTALLY told them it was Hootie, and I would know!)  The first night it was just myself, Julia and Kristina and we won a PickleBack shot...Whiskey with a pickle brine chaser (it's surprisingly good, seriously, try it at home.)  After trivia comes the Chat Roulette portion of the evening.  Which is sort of like a one-on-one video chat room where it randomly selects a participate and you can talk to them, or click next if you don't like them.  It's kind of scary, and absurdly hilarious. (did I mention we had a video projector to shoot this on the wall at the bar?? yeah, it was awesome.)

Some trivia facts I learned:
-Long ago, when the Bishop of Rochester's chef poisoned people, killing two, new style of execution was legalized... what was that style?? guillotine?? Nope, Death By BOILING! Yeah... Ouch.
-The largest loss of life in the history of the US Navy occurred when the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed, horrible right? But oh wait, then there was a bought of shark attacks!! How horrid. Yeah, I survived the war, my ship sunk but I managed to escape alive, then I got eaten by a shark.  Thanks.
-And some animal facts: The Goldfish is the only animal who can see both infrared and ultraviolet light.  On average, birds live a mere six months. And, AND the mosquito has teeth!! Forty-Seven TEETH!!!!! ew.

5. I found my new favorite coffee shop, thanks to the lovely CieCie.  It's just down from work, called the Grey Dog, and reminds me a lot of CoolBeans! (which makes my whole heart happy!) The menu is written on giant chalkboards, the staff is friendly, the music is wonderful, it's a happy little haven in the middle of the bustle :)

6. I recently ate a Vietnamese sandwich, a Bánh mì, with Ann Marie and Mary. It was REALLY good, especially with Sriracha!! MMmmmm, spicy! Then we went to Duck Duck, a bar around the corner from her place, where we watched the Sunday night shenanigans occur (dancing and whatnot,) and we people watched and drank Cerveza Pacífico Clara! It was good, and served with a lime. Also, it was drizzly and wet so I got to borrow Ann Marie's rain boots!!! I LOVE rain boots!

7. And lastly, the "Juice Girls" are crossing their fingers for a trip down south (as two of them haven't been because they're from the west coast, and CieCie and I want to take them!!)  The goal is to go through Charlotte (CieCie's hometown,) make a stop in Columbia to take them to my favorite places (I'm thinking the Whig, Blue Cactus and ArtBar if it's a Friday!) then onward to Charleston.  The hope is to go through Asheville on the way back and maybe stop in at River Spirit!!  For anyone wanting to take a little trip to the mountains, check this place out!! It is the business endeavor of a dear friend of mine who I'd lost contact with the last few years until this week!! So "Yay!!" and happiness for his growing establishment! Also, it's beautiful and "I want to go to there!"

I didn't have the patience to link up any pictures, so instead I left a train of things to get lost in. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

That time someone had to teach me how to get inside the bank...

No joke, Kids.  My co-worker had to show me how to get into the bank because it's a tricky little devil.  I've always been the kind of person that goes into the bank, walks up to a teller, says, "Hey, how are you today?!" and gets a little face time.  So the idea of using the ATM to deposit money not only seemed like an alien idea to me, but I also don't trust those machines to read the check write. And what would I do if a check said 420.00 and it read 4.20... you know?! There's no security in that.  But now I'm a big girl in the big city, and not only did it take me about two weeks to even FIND my bank branch, but I also don't have time to go by during normal business hours.  So I weighed my options and decided that other friends have had success depositing money through the ATM, so maybe it wasn't really the devil trying to eat my humble dollars for lunch.

One night at about 7:30pm, I walked the nine blocks to my bank and tried to open the door to the ATM room, but it was locked.  Okay, maybe they don't let you use them off hours, I thought. Although there was a man inside but he was standing around all awkwardly so I thought maybe he had just gotten off work and was waiting for his co-workers to exit as well so they could lock up for good (seems reasonable, no?)  About a week later, I was leaving work with a co-worker (who's lived in Queens all her life) and as we made our way towards the train station she asked if it would be cool if she stopped by the bank.  "Sure!" I said.
Then proceeded to tell her how I had been trying to find the time to get to my own branch for weeks and I desperately needed to go because I had almost an entire month's worth of paychecks that needed to be deposited (so I could give it all away to the lovely people that shelter me, and put me through college.)  I also mentioned to her that it was locked last I went, so it would probably be a waste of time to try again that day, it being after five and all.  To which she replied, "Well, you have a debit card right? Did you swipe it??"
"What do you mean, 'did I swipe it?' I couldn't get through the door, it was locked!" I said.
This is about the point where she stopped and just stared at me with a look of complete shock and hysteria, "There's no way you don't have these anywhere in the South!!" she said, "You just have to swipe your debit card and it unlocks the door!!" WTF?!
Yeah, so APPARENTLY in order to cut down in crime and whatnot, you can't get to any banks ATM unless you have a card. I mean, I was stunned into silence the entire time she showed me this... seriously?! Well that's just genius!! And more over, I could have put this money away weeks ago if only I knew my debit card works much like a hotel key.  Thanks New York... Good one!
At least Melissa got a good laugh out of this....