Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Place to Call My Own

"Mi Casa"
My humble little room. From the window you can see the garden in the backyard that belongs to the other tenants who Breck apparently cooks with frequently.

The wall of books left behind (predominately art books.) 

The living space, dining area, and kitchen (with a gas stove!!!!!)

It took two trains, five ascending staircases (several headed down as well,) about four blocks or so on foot and half an hour later I finally arrived from Ann Marie's to my new place.  I only brought essentials; my one carryon suitcase and my computer.  As far as I'm concerned, she can keep the rest of that crap (I'm too tired to fetch it)

Also, the roommate has been so nice.  He invited me to hang out with his friends tonight to watch fireworks on a rooftop, I believe.  But by the time he got home every muscle in my body was pretty much tight as a knot from the spinning, walking and non-stop standing.  So instead he told me there were veggies, beans and tortillas in the fridge if I was too tired to cook!! I think he may be giving Ann Marie a run for her money in the "Best Roommate EVER Competition."  But alas, I shall retire for the evening because work comes early, lasts long, requires a 30 min. train ride and copious amounts of coffee.  Plus I'd like to save some energy for July 4th festivities!!!! 

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