Thursday, July 29, 2010

I made it to "Shakespeare in the Park" to see A Winter's Tale with Kristina and her roommate, and although I'm sad Julia was unable to attend, I'm glad that meant I got the chance to go!! It was magical, set in Central Park at the Delacorte Theater underneath the summer starlit sky.

(above is the alfresco theater, but a different production)
THE WINTER'S TALE Directed by Michael Greif
With Gerry Bamman, Francois Battiste, Linda Emond, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Bill Heck, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Byron Jennings, Heather Lind, Hamish Linklater, Jesse L. Martin, Nyambi Nyambi, Matthew Rauch, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Richard Topol, Max Wright

 In other exciting news, we had the shoot at the restaurant on Wednesday.  It's a reality show of sorts (from the bits of information we could piece together.) But if that's the case, it's not so real.  Not only was the entire restaurant shut down for this shoot from about 1:30-5:00pm, but they also hired an actress who trained in our restaurant for a couple of shifts to "serve" the celebrities during their meal.  That's just absurd, especially since a pretty hefty portion of our staff is aspiring actors and actresses, some with degrees in theater from TISCH and other prestigious colleges. Lunacy I tell you, particularly because our staff comes trained properly, but okay crazy movie people... waste your money and here's your twelve dollar juice.

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joey said...

You serve 12$ juice? I'm pretty sure I couldn't eat (or drink) at your restaurant. Hope you had fun watching the shoot though.

Also- you are a kayak? Interesting choice :)