Monday, July 05, 2010

Little Coincidences

Today was very relaxed, thank God.  I didn't venture farther than about ten blocks to and from the little supermarket today.  Mostly because I was entirely too exhausted and in actual physical pain from all the exercise.  Plus I want to save energy for tomorrow when I go to the gym with Ann Marie again (she's spinning, I'm not.)

Moving on... For those of you that were unaware, Summer and I like to play a little game with my life.  It's like a real life version of "Six Degrees of Separation," and basically in my world things are ALWAYS connected.  Now at first it was because I am from a small town, then it was because I had been in Columbia for so long that it made sense my groups would intermingle eventually, but today was just proof that this shit always finds me.  Summer can pick up her life, move somewhere new, and not have a connection with anyone around her.  Me?? I'll give you an example...

So today, after I got my iced coffee and egg and cheese wrap, I wandered in the direction (I was told by the lovely couple at the DunkinDonuts) of a grocery store.  On the way, a gentleman started walking beside me and kind of struck up a conversation more or less like this:

Him: Why are you walking so fast, honey?
Me: Oh, just habit, I suppose.
Him: I hear ya. In a hurry to get home?
Me: Actually I'm on the way to the grocery store.
(insert mindless chatter about how hot the weather is)
Me: Yeah, it's pretty warm but at least it's not as humid as home.
Him: Oh yeah? Where are you from?
Me: South Carolina
Him: Oh, I have family there.... in Marion. Near Florence, are you familiar??

Of course you do, sir. Of course.

And also, last night my now boss, Brandi, brought fireworks to the rooftop (a rocket to be exact) and was asked where she got it? Did she hope over to Jersey to buy it? "I got it from South of the Border in South Carolina." she replied. OMG!Really?! "Yeah," she said "Me and Pedro go way back."

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