Sunday, July 04, 2010

Big Bang, Pretty Lights

I finally met the manager in charge of the elixir bar today and we got a little busy from brunch so it was nice to have a lot of stuff to do.  My entire body, however, was not a fan. Everything hurts SO BAD. I'm already getting far more exercise than I'm accustomed to so adding a spinning class was the worst decision. Ever. I'm pretty sure the muscles are so tight they are going to absolutely snap soon. But I'm trying not to let that little physical hiccup keep me inside.

When I finally got off work, had a little dinner I picked up from the Whole Foods in Union Square (that place still fascinates me... the lines alone are something to marvel on, but I digress,) I hopped on a train to meet Ann Marie and some co-workers over in Williamsburg to grill out on a rooftop with some icy cold beer and watch the fireworks.

The zoom is a little retarded. "Caution: Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear."

Although I new building went up within the last year that blocked a lot of the fireworks from this particular roof. Nuts.  But what we could see was pretty impressive, all 66% of it.
But now I have a phone date with the lovely Erin Ellis....Goodnight.

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