Friday, September 22, 2006

"Somebody Loved..."

This week was filled with wonderful things. Tuesday was Alison's birthday. There was gift giving, I love watching people get excited over presents, specially over presents I made. Yay. We went to have dinner at the Indian Pavillon. I've never really eaten Indian food, it was different, not bad, just different. The bread was absolutely delicious, Nan. Yum-o. Barnone followed. One drink for Erin and I. Then reality set back in, and studying was done. Boo!! It was a good day, I think Alison had fun, and I really enjoyed the new experience.

There were tests all week. They went pretty well, incredibly well since I didn't study like I should have. Work is going pretty good. I'm getting better at it which makes me happy, I don't feel quite so much like an idiot. The people I work with are fun to be around, pretty funny too. That's what I need the most in a job, I need awesome co-workers and a boss that I like and doesn't make me nervous. This job seems to have those two things, so I think I'll keep it through the year. Grey's season preimere was last night. It was good, I really like that show, you get so caught up in it. "they are like my friends...(KL)"

"you may walk past a building every day never knowing that the person inside will one day be your best friend..."

A trip will be taken soon to Charleston. I am excited. I miss Maggie and Julie. There will be coffee and lots of laughs I feel sure. Some bar-hopping with Mags I hope! yay!

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