Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Girl, Bye."

Today was a lovely day, and a good ending to a very pleasant weekend. I spent Friday with my roomies which was exciting and something we haven't done in quite a while. We went to Olive Garden, had berry sangria which was even more tastey than I thought it would be. There was laughter and happiness that has been missing for a while now. From there we went downtown. Had one or two too many drinks, but had a responsible driver so it was ok. Saturday was game day. There was tailgating, friends, friends' parents, the cutest puppy ever, Don and Doris, actual sitting at the game and more bonding with KK. Today was more eventful than I had planned. Homework has been pushed back but that's ok. We had lunch, watched most of the Colts game, went to retrieve my debit card from Barnone (oops), went to have my eyebrows waxed (yay), did a little more shopping.

Although, overall, this weekend was awesome; there were a few uncomfortable/confusing spots. I get mixed feelings of caring and not from people. I just want to scream, give me an answer, anything, just something besides silence. But then again, pushing people to deal when they aren't quite ready can be an incredibly bad thing, so as for now, I'm trying to be patient. I have a tendency to get overly aggitated by things. I'm trying to become better about that. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. But I guess we all need to feel loved and special...

On a happy note. Alison's Birthday is this Tuesday. Plus! Gilmore Girls season six is coming out in DVD. There will be a celebration I feel sure. It will involve lots of food that is bad for you; Jelly beans, caramel corn, jumbo marshmallows, cheetos, maybe even the biggest pizza in the world! As for the actual day, there will be Indian food which I am insanely excited about. I've never had Indian food, surprising since I spent a whole year in a 9x12 room with Shrinaben.

Many tests upcoming this week. Procrastination has gone on long enough. To the books I shall go...

'Okay. That's it. I can't remember. College is breaking my spirit. Every single day telling me things I don't know, it's making me feel stupid...'

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