Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Trouble with Rachel...

After reading a lovely little blog I like to frequent, (curious girl ) I have decided she has the right idea about focusing on your life and the things about you and your character that hold you back from your hearts desires.  As I read Lisa's list, I realized this is a woman in her 40s who finds some of the things that hold her back which are surprisingly similar to the things I find in myself.  So here goes, "the trouble with Rachel..."

  1. She is insightful and full of deep thought, which often times comes out in a way that isn't constructive to others but seems more judgmental.  She doesn't know how to take the truth and the insight and present it in a soft way that allows people to really hear her; so what they actually hear is a "know it all bitch who needs to get off her high horse."  She also needs to learn to turn this insight on herself and her own personal life, and truly listen to close friends advice.
  2. She has a tendency to "vent" about her problems to just about anyone who will listen; and while this is therapeutic at times, it often makes her seem more of a gossip than she really means to be.
  3. She wants to live a healthier lifestyle but is incredibly lazy and will blow off exercise for any little excuse (creating lists, blogging, surfing the internet, shopping, lunch.)
  4. She doesn't trust people in general, but specifically men, leaving her heart constantly guarded.  If she let's that guard down, it becomes nearly impossible to let that person go, or to give someone new a chance.
  5. She loves to plan and start projects, but she never has any follow through.
  6. She allows "fear" to have a huge hand, and typically the deciding vote, in her biggest life decisions. 
  7. She needs for all things to be in their place but is also a massive clutter bug.  These things don't go hand in hand and often lead to stress and a feelings of anxiety in her day to day living space.
  8. She desperately wants an outlet for her artistic side but is too lazy, scared, unsure, to actually fulfill this passion.

I'm sure at some point I will add to this list (and maybe even be lucky enough to delete) but for now this is what I have. These are some of the things about me that one might consider flaws.  I'm  not saying it's all bad stuff, but you know... all things in moderation.

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