Friday, January 08, 2010

24 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

ok, so this is a borrowed idea from a lovely lady out in Portland. (hula  )  and although this list isn't particularly large, i also only have six months it i plan to have it completed by my 25th birthday. which is in july. the start of july actually. so here goes

24 Things to do Before I turn 25
1. move to NYC with ann marie.

2. paint a canvas.

3. purge my belongings and sell the lot

4. go to a live play

5. see a concert

6. make a snowball

7. complete a long overdue handmade gift

8. bake a cake

9. throw a themed party with food

10. obtain a camera and learn basic photography

11. manage something

12. create 52 blog entries

13. leave the country

14. spend an entire day volunteering

15. practice yoga

16. play an entire song on the piano from memory

17. put my feet in an ocean that isn't the Atlantic

18. attend a local art show

19. go to a flea market and find one fabulous something

20. go skating, whether it be roller or ice

21. read four books

22. create and fill a "quote jar"

23. spend an entire day laying in the warm grass with a book, some music and a picnic

24. refinish my kitchen table

tall order? perhaps.

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erin gail said...

you can do it :)