Thursday, October 02, 2008

Life on a Stand Still.

I don't blog frequently. And most times when I think of this place, the delete button comes to mind. My life is not exciting, I'm not traveling to Ireland or Morocco, I'm not driving 'cross country, I'm not expressing pain or distress in my online journal, I'm not keeping my family up to day with the family I've started, I'm just here, trying to figure out what to do with myself, and most days, nothing comes to mind.

There have been some minor changes. I started a new job. But an still working the old one, too. My friends have opened a restaurant,, and I am helping in the opening process. Yesterday was the official first day, it was a bit slow, but it gave us some extra time to continue organizing the space and working out kinks. Today, however, I stayed home because I'm sick. And my voice keeps fading in and out. Not appealing coming from someone bringing you your food. But I have to work my other job this evening, yet my voice doesn't seem to want to get any better.

I am currently trying to save up some money, to do something fun. Hopefully New York in January, we shall see. But saving is hard. Even harder when you have to take two days off of work due to illness, and you buy new pants... My bank account is dangerously low, but I'm trying to shave off unneccesary expenses and not touch my happy trip money that I have already out aside.

I'm currently rewatching all the episodes of Gilmore Girls. I'm up to season five. I have no cable, so I watch a LOT of movies, and TV on DVDs, and surf the internet a great deal, and occasionally read (currently: Washington Square by Henry James), and play with the dog.

Brodie is getting so big, and he's getting much better at the house training thing, he just hasn't figured out how to tell me it's time to go out. But he had surgery last week, so there will never be baby Brodies. He is currently eating a leaf on the front deck (that he ripped out of my peace lily) and occasionally barking at squirrels, or passing cars, or passers by walking their dogs.

On a completely different front, Patrick bought a new bike. Actually, he had a new bike, that he sold a couple weeks ago, then he broke the frame of his track bike. Meaning the remaining bike got altered into a track style bike and he felt that he should purchase a new one, to replace the one he sold, and the one that broke. It's a very expensive bike. When we walked into the bike shop to look at it the other day, the entire staff was standing around it, marvelling at it's beauty....
don't you worry, trusty viewers, there will be pictures forthcoming.

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