Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Write It All Down.

Today was... overwhelming, to say the least. So much has happened in less than 24 hours, so many emotions have been experienced and quite frankly, I'm exhausted!

I guess the best place to start is the beginning, which started at the dark and dreary hour of four a.m.  The car was loaded quickly, the hair was washed, and we were off!!! Headed directly to the nearest caffeine fix, of course!  And I must say, it was a particularly horrid experience, and hands down, the worst cup of coffee I've ever been forced to drink.  Oh who am I kidding? I did drink that crap, I even stopped at a later gas station to try and doctor it up, save the innocent victim, but it was no use.  Mom, B and myself arrived at the airport at the exact time we were aiming for, how that happened with the additional three unplanned pit stops along with the awful drivers on the road is beyond me.  But everything started out wonderfully.  I checked my luggage, the nice man at the counter let my stuff pass even though it was overweight by about four pounds, and then we said goodbye.

As things always go with me in every airport security interaction I've ever had, I had to be double checked, all my stuff had to be sent through the x-ray again... apparently something about me screams, "Possible threat!"  Then I promptly planted myself outside my gate and waited patiently, and by patiently I mean this is about when the panic started. What am I thinking?! I hardly know anyone in New York, I don't like strangers, I hate being lost, do I really need to go?? But of course, my pride pushed me through the doors and onto the plane (although I'd be lying if I didn't admit I kind of wanted to step on the happy, snugly couple snoozing on the floor.)

The flight was... standard.  I actually slept through most of it as the lady beside me was less than pleasant when she had to get up and let me by to my window seat.  But at the end she apologized for leaning on me in her sleep and made nice talking about how people bring too much stuff on planes and she hates flying because it takes so long to get off the aircraft.  I guess in the end it wasn't me she hated, she was just sleepy.  At the baggage claim in LaGuardia Ann Marie found me!! We collected my belongings and decided to take the most cost effective way back to her apartment (from Queens to Brooklyn) which included one lengthy mostly crapped and standing bus ride (although a delightful man assisted me in getting my bags off the bus,) followed by three very large flights of stairs (another man carried my heaviest bag up two flights for me!) and a subway ride.  But the view, THE VIEW, from the subway crossing over the East Bay was simply magical.  We had a clear shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty (who looked as big as a plastic army toy,) and a panoramic view of Manhattan!! That's when the calm started, "Hello, pretty city!"

Ann Marie fed me as soon as we arrive to her cute little apartment, and we started the search for temporary housing immediately.  Then off to work she went, leaving me with a time to meet a potential apartment, directions as to which subway to take, a phone number and my shiny new MetroCard! I proceeded to get completely lost for the better part of three hours, ended up on Wall Street instead of farther into Brooklyn, missed the appointment and ultimately the space got rented before I could find my way back. Sad! But on a happier note, I did get to see a man walking around with his pet snake about his neck in the subway.  He then kissed it on the snout and replaced it in his large yellow laundry bag.

So to recap:
Travel. Bad coffee.Travel. Panic. Travel. Heavy things. Nice people. Hit the ground running. Subways are confusing. Don't be late. Weirdo Snakes make it all worth it.

Oh, and some man stopped and asked me for directions!! Does that mean I look like I know what I'm doing!? Score!!!!!

Also, there was a most adorable little asian girl drinking bubble tea on the train. she was super cute. The end.

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