Sunday, August 09, 2009

Laugh and Keep on Moving.

you know, sometimes being single is freakin' awesome. no one to worry about. you can flirt with men if you want. you can decide what you want for dinner without taking someone else into account. it's basically all about you and what you want all the time. and it's kind of fantastic.

but then, there are the occasional moments when the steamroller of life has been chasing you for weeks and it finally catches up to you. and when it does, you say, well shit... it sure would be nice to have someone around to depend on. someone to help pick up the slack. someone to help you get your car from the towing company. someone to wait for the exterminator so you don't have to wait an extra week. someone to help you poison your ant infested car and vacuum out all the dead bodies. someone to just give you a hug after you burst into tears at the car wash because you've spent the last two hours during the hottest part of the day killing ants that seem to come from some infinite source and all you wanted was a bottle of water but the vending machine ate your last dollar and when you finally broke down, the only one around to comfort you was a little homeless man walking down the street who stops and asks if you are okay....

that is when you say... oh yeah, this is why we put ourselves in the line of fire and trust men. because sometimes being independent is a little too taxing. and maybe, just maybe, it's worth the risk to let someone in if it means you won't be completely alone all the time.

just a thought for the day. and don't feel bad for me. because mostly, i find all the ridiculous stuff in my life extremely comical. i think i might write a little movie of my life. it'll probably be a romantic comedy. (and stealing the tag line from the new movie "(500) days of summer") "this is not a love story. it is a story about love." because that sums up my life... 

"His giant ambling confidence hushes down all my inherent nervousness and reminds me that everything really is going to be OK.  (And if not OK, then at least comic.)..."

-Eat. Pray. Love.

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